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How to pay by E-gold?

E-gold is an electronic currency, issued by e-gold Ltd., a Nevis corporation, 100% backed at all times by gold bullion in allocated storage.

Unlike other electronic funds where you can lose your funds at any time, E-gold is entirely backed up by gold.

Spending e-gold is free, even if your recipient is on the other side of the world.

There are two ways to put money in your e-gold account. The first and most cost effective way is to receive payment in e-gold from another account holder. It takes only a few seconds for transactions to clear and settle this way.

The second way is to exchange your national currency for e-gold using the services of an independent exchange market maker.
There you will find sites that can exchange paypal/ikobo/netpay/etc to e-gold or sites where you can buy e-gold with your credit card.

More details you can find at E-gold official site

Usually you can buy E-gold
- by Bank Wire
- by Direct Deposit Wells Fargo Bank, Washington Mutual Bank
- with Bank Cashier's Check or Cash
- with Money Order
- by Credit Card
- by Wester Union or Moneygram
- by another e-currency

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